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Professional negligence

Professional services providers (ie, lawyers, surveyors, accountants, financial advisers, insurance brokers and architects) all run the risk of giving negligent advice to clients. If a professional fails to carry out their responsibilities to the required standard, or they breach a duty of care, this is professional negligence. For example, a solicitor may make a mistake in reviewing a property's legal title or a surveyor could provide an overvaluation to a mortgage lender or house buyer. While professionals carry insurance for these kinds of situations, there’s usually a legal battle before compensation is paid. Lawyers specialising in professional negligence disputes will commonly represent either insurance companies or claimants. The claims they handle can range from the relatively low value to the absolutely enormous, particularly when related to the construction of large buildings. When Wembley Stadium was built, for example, it led to a raft of negligence claims. See also Clinical negligence.