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In this video I discuss my first round of pupillage applications, including the lessons learned and advice for first time applicants.


Blessing Mukosha Park


Get by on the BPTC with a little help from your friends
Blessing Mukosha Park

The journey to the Bar is long and it can be lonely too. However, a lot of the fears and insecurities that aspiring barristers face can be dispelled by placing them in the context of someone else’s experience. By being able to relate your experiences to someone else’s, the loneliness and stress that often come with Bar school and pupillage can be remedied. 


Ask the oracle

Ask the Oracle

Legal work experience for non-law graduates
Dear Oracle ...

I recently graduated with a 2.1 in philosophy and plan to take a year out to save up before taking the GDL What kind of paid work could I do which looks impressive to employers and would be flexible enough to allow me to keep putting my legal career first?