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Struan Campbell, outreach manager of Inner Temple, discusses the process of qualifying as a barrister, from studying the BPTC to joining an Inn of Court and on to securing pupillage.


Acing your pupillage interview

Hurray - you’ve managed to impress with your pupillage application. But yikes - now you’re looking down the barrel of an interview. Take a few deep breaths and consider what you can do to help your chances. Here, an expert from The University of Law offers advice on how best to prepare for pupillage interviews…

Irina M


Tips for securing a part-time job
Irina M

Working part-time alongside my law degree has really helped me become more independent: it has provided me with a source of income and has also exposed me to the responsibility of solving problems on a daily basis.

The best online resources for aspiring lawyers

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The best online resources for aspiring lawyers
Amanda Millmore

Everyone has their favourite, go-to legal website for information or research, but this compilation cuts across personal preference. Amanda Millmore, non-practising barrister and founder of CPD provider Legal Training, offers a broad selection of some of the best legal resources for lawyers (and would-be lawyers) of all persuasions.


Ask the oracle

Ask the Oracle

Should I do the GDL or wait for SQE?
Dear Oracle ...

I’m in the final year of my non-law degree and have decided to pursue becoming a solicitor at a City firm, but I’m concerned about how upcoming changes to the system will affect me. Is there any point in doing the GDL before it is replaced by the new ‘super exam’?