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Hannah is an employment lawyer with experience of life as a trainee and now associate at global firm DLA Piper. Here she recounts her road to qualification and beyond. She offers advice on how to get ahead in the world of law.

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Here are my tips on how I survived GDL exams and avoided being overwhelmed (as much as possible). Ensure you are successful by being prepared and ready for anything.


What has happened in the legal profession in 2018 that I should know about?

“May you live in interesting times” is a blessing that Ancient Chinese people were said to reserve for those they didn’t like – “dull” periods of prosperity and stability being clearly preferable to scarcity and upheaval, even if the latter always seem to fascinate historians and filmmakers. Unfortunately, when barristers go on strike in large numbers, as they did earlier this year despite their profession’s inherently conservative character and affluent reputation, you can be sure that the times are interesting indeed.

Kirkland & Ellis International LLP

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Kirkland & Ellis International LLP

Kirkland & Ellis’s recruitment brochure emphasises the firm’s key offerings to prospective trainees: the opportunities to be a valuable part of the team and be involved in high-quality international work from day one.

The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook

The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook is now available, FREE, from university careers services and  law faculties. Make sure you collect your copy of the preeminent print resource for future lawyers. The Handbook provides in-depth information and advice about how to launch your legal career, features details of over 1,000 potential employers and much more. Don’t miss out on accessing this crucial information!

How Twitter can boost your law career

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How Twitter can boost your law career
Bethany Wren

It’s no secret that everybody and their dog (literally) has a Twitter account to interact with friends and followers, and to post life’s most important updates: from what you’re having for dinner to your latest holiday snaps. But while you’re commenting on the most recent Love Island episode, or bemoaning your latest course assignment, law firms, barrister chambers and recruiters are also on social media, and there’s a chance that they could be seeing everything that you are doing.

Kat C-W


Why should you volunteer at university?
Kat C-W

Volunteering is an essential part of building a thriving community. Many of us are in fortunate positions and have bright careers ahead of us. Giving up a few hours to give back won’t feel like a sacrifice when you see how much of a difference you can make.