Bevan Brittan LLP

Meet the Recruiter

Katie Deering
Bevan Brittan LLP

Seventies rock and Broadway enthusiast Katie Deering has launched her own successful career as a graduate recruiter at Bevan Brittan; read on to find out how she can help you to navigate the trainee recruitment process and more.

Foot Anstey LLP

Meet the Lawyer

Foot Anstey LLP

High-quality work, a friendly, team-focused environment and a commitment to having a work/life balance were all key attractions that drew Charlotte Brett to Foot Anstey. Read on to learn more about the great commercial practice at this South West firm.


Fintech: all the way to the bank

Like the Internet of Things and autonomous cars, fintech — which stands for financial technology — has emerged in recent years as one of the hottest technology-related areas. Essentially it is about the convergence of new technology on the financial sector, so that the upstarts of Silicon Valley are now rubbing shoulders with the denizens of Wall Street and the Square Mile. In this binary image it does the high-tech sector the world of good to be depicted as the brash hipsters tearing down some of the financial world’s biggest players. The reality is a lot more nuanced.

LCN videos

Join me as I answer some of the questions I received from others about myself and law.

The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook

The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook is now available, FREE, from university careers services and  law faculties. Make sure you collect your copy of the preeminent print resource for future lawyers. The Handbook provides in-depth information and advice about how to launch your legal career, features details of over 1,000 potential employers and much more. Don’t miss out on accessing this crucial information!

Chantal Elian


Preparing for a psychometric test
Chantal Elian

A popular way of screening candidates during the application process for a variety of opportunities such as work experience, vacation schemes and training contracts is through the use of a variety of online psychometric tests