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Kirkland & Ellis International LLP

Kai Zeng of Kirkland & Ellis is an advocate for balancing the demands of exciting work in the restructuring team with life beyond the office, something that is actively encouraged by the firm. Read on for his advice on getting ahead and creating a successful career.

LCN videos

The GDL is an intense course and can seem like a really intimidating challenge. In this video I’ll be sharing how I prepared for it the summer before and ways for you to make sure you hit the ground running when you start!

The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook

The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook is now available, FREE, from university careers services and  law faculties. Make sure you collect your copy of the preeminent print resource for future lawyers. The Handbook provides in-depth information and advice about how to launch your legal career, features details of over 1,000 potential employers and much more. Don’t miss out on accessing this crucial information!

Bristows LLP

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Sahar Shepperd
Bristows LLP

University of London, Imperial College | Associate

I chose this firm over a host of others, undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Despite handling high profile, time intensive matters, Bristows excels in maintaining a genuine nurturing, caring and family-friendly environment. A fantastic environment to build one’s legal career in.

Ask the oracle

Ask the Oracle

How to choose an LPC provider
Dear Oracle ...

I am thinking about where to study my Legal Practice Course. It seems that more and more firms have tie-ins with law schools, only sending their future trainees to that institution. Does this mean that the provider I pick will affect where I can apply for a training contract?