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We know that all aspiring lawyers deserve a break, but there are things you can be doing over the summer to kickstart your career in law. Here are our five top tips.


Meet the Lawyer


Natalie Burns discusses the international transactions she loves to work on as well as the firm culture at Dentons, and offers some valuable insights into life at the firm.


Paralegal work: a guide for future solicitors

Working as a paralegal before going on to secure a training contract is increasingly becoming the norm for thousands of candidates. It is even possible to qualify as a solicitor while working as a paralegal instead of completing a formal training contract. However, this stepping stone also has potential downsides to watch out for…

LCN videos

If you are offered an interview for a training contract this summer, you need to prepare. Here are our tips for what to do before and on the day.


The LawCareers.Net Handbook 2019

The LawCareers.Net Handbook is now available, FREE, from university careers services and  law faculties. Make sure you collect your copy of the preeminent print resource for future lawyers. The Handbook provides in-depth information and advice about how to launch your legal career, features details of over 1,000 potential employers and much more. Don’t miss out on accessing this crucial information!

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LawCareersNetLIVE London 2018: my experience

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LawCareersNetLIVE London 2018: my experience
Azan Ashai

Application season is coming around again. In the next few months, one by one, firms will be opening up their applications for a vacation scheme or training contract. That means that soon enough, you’ll be scrolling through graduate recruitment websites and applying for open days or insights to support your reasons for applying to your dream firm.

Ask the oracle

Ask the Oracle

Legal work experience for non-law graduates
Dear Oracle ...

I recently graduated with a 2.1 in philosophy and plan to take a year out to save up before taking the GDL What kind of paid work could I do which looks impressive to employers and would be flexible enough to allow me to keep putting my legal career first?