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Matt discusses how economic actions have unexpected consequences – here we look at how Donald Trump's sabre rattling over steel and automotive trade with China has resulted in soybean farmers in the Midwest losing their farms.

Bristows LLP

Vacation Scheme Insiders

Bristows LLP

Portia studied pharmacology at the University of Bristol. She attended a two-day workshop at Bristows in December 2017 and will be starting her training contract at the firm in September 2020.


Ask the oracle

Ask the Oracle

Legal work experience for non-law graduates
Dear Oracle ...

I recently graduated with a 2.1 in philosophy and plan to take a year out to save up before taking the GDL What kind of paid work could I do which looks impressive to employers and would be flexible enough to allow me to keep putting my legal career first?

Clyde & Co LLP

Meet the Lawyer

Henry Cunnington
Clyde & Co LLP

Working across energy, marine and construction disputes makes for an incredibly interesting, dynamic career, as this insight into life at Clyde & Co from Henry Cunnington clearly shows. Read Henry’s great advice on building rapport with clients, dealing with partner feedback and taking on early responsibility.


Choosing a practice area when you qualify as a solicitor

There are many different kinds of career in the solicitors’ profession. Upon qualifying, solicitors tend to specialise in one area of law which could be anything from intellectual property, to Islamic finance to family law. This article explores the process of choosing a practice area to specialise in and offers some advice on the various criteria to consider.