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If you're in the first year of your law degree, and are not sure where to start with your career research, here are our five top tips of things you can do, from getting involved with your student law society to acing your exams.

Paris Bradley


Understanding alternative dispute resolution
Paris Bradley

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is growing massively in the legal sector due to its cost-effectiveness and success rates in comparison to going to court. ADR utilises dispute resolution processes, such as arbitration, mediation and negotiation, to help disputing parties come to an agreement. 

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First-year exams

I've enjoyed my first year at university - so much so that I've just realised my law exams are looming and I've done too much pubbing and procrastinating and nowhere near enough revision. Are first-year exams that important?


Vacation Scheme Insiders


Ela has just finished the LPC at the University of Law. She completed RPC’s vacation scheme in July 2017 and will start at the firm in September 2019.