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updated on 04 September 2019

If you have completed the GDL, the chances are that you will stay on at the same provider to do the LPC. If you are a law undergraduate, you should be looking for as much information as possible about the various schools before applying. You should try to find out about not only the academic programme, but also any links with the profession, the level of individual career guidance, the facilities available and any relevant extracurricular activities. It would also be helpful to get an idea of the provider's reputation among both students and the profession

You should also be aware that some firms have exclusive relationships with course providers which require all new trainees to complete the LPC at a particular institution. This ensures that the course’s content prepares the student well for the particular requirements of their firm’s training contract, while it also has the benefit of allowing trainees to get to know each other before they start life at the firm. Meanwhile, some firms ask their trainees to take specific electives, so bear all this in mind when considering which firms you ultimately want to apply to for training contracts - if you possibly can, it’s a great idea to try and secure a training contract before you even accept a place on an LPC. To help make your choice, use our Course search so that you can easily locate addresses and contact information. Here is a full list of those universities that offer the LPC:

Institutions that offer the LPC


Top results

BPP Law School

Bristol Institute of Legal Practice

Cardiff University

The City Law School

De Montfort University

Kaplan Law School

The University of Law

London Metropolitan University

Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University

Nottingham Law School

Other results

Aberystwyth University

Anglia Ruskin University

Birmingham City University

Bournemouth University

University of Derby

Hertfordshire University

University of Huddersfield

Lancashire Law School

Leeds Metropolitan University

Liverpool John Moores University

Northumbria Law School

Plymouth University

Sheffield University

University of South Wales

Staffordshire University

Swansea University

University of West London

University of Westminster

University of Wolverhampton