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When and how to apply

updated on 04 September 2019

Law undergraduates should apply from September onwards in their final year, while non-law graduates should do so from September onwards in their GDL year. The application system has been changed so that there is no longer a closing date for applications; rather, applications are dealt with as they are submitted and institutions are notified weekly of new submissions.

Applications for almost all institutions that offer the LPC course are managed by the Central Applications Board - contact it for an application form or apply online.

As of 1 July 2014, there is no longer a requirement for students to enrol with the SRA prior to commencing the LPC (previously, students had to enrol and pay £80). Under the new regulations, the SRA has retained a check on character and suitability; there is a requirement to disclose any issues which relate to character and suitability (eg, criminal convictions or cautions, evidence of cheating in exams or any county court judgments) before training commences. Prospective LPC students do have the option to apply for a check if they wish before they start the LPC.

If you have any questions about the character check or anything to do with the new regulations, contact the SRA direct ([email protected], or 0870 606 2555).