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Four reasons to apply for LawCareersNetLIVE

updated on 11 October 2022

The LawCareersNetLIVE conferences, sponsored by The University of Law, are a golden opportunity for students to network with international, City and national firms; gain insights into firms’ key practice areas; and benefit from expert application advice direct from recruiters.

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Every autumn term we host LawCareersNetLIVE – our careers conferences that offer students the opportunity to interact with top law firms, learn about their businesses and network with recruiters, solicitors, partners and trainees. 

This year our conferences will take place in-person and virtually over the following dates: 

  • Manchester, 25 November; 
  • London, 2 December; and 
  • Virtual, on the afternoons of 6 and 7 December. 

For LCN’s advice on how to virtually network, watch our video on virtual networking

Here are four reasons you should apply for a place at one of our LawCareersNetLIVE events. 

1. LawCareersNetLIVE is tailored towards vacation scheme applications 

The application form you complete for a place at LawCareersNetLIVE is based on those you’ll encounter when applying for a vacation scheme. This means that we’re looking for the same things that firms look for in candidates. Conference places are offered to those with a good chance of attaining a vacation scheme and, ultimately, a training contract. 

This article by LCN’s Bethany Wren, outlines Five tips for flawless LawCareersNetLIVE applications

The attending firms know that they’ll be meeting good candidates, while you receive some good application practise before the real thing. 

But more than that, the valuable networking opportunities throughout the day itself will enable you to gain valuable insights into the firms you could soon be applying to, as well as more to talk about when you do. 

Networking sessions are also a chance to make a good first impression. LawCareersNetLIVE is timed for late November and early December to give candidates the maximum benefit before applying for vacation schemes, with many firms’ deadlines falling throughout December, January and February. 

2. A host of top law firms are attending 

All three LawCareersNetLIVE events are sponsored by some of the most prestigious firms in the profession, including leading international, City, US and national firms, each with their own specialisms. Between them, they comprehensively cover all the practice areas within commercial and corporate law, with many doing complex multi-jurisdictional work all over the world. 

Our firm sponsors at LawCareersNetLIVE Manchester on 25 November are: 

The firm sponsors of LawCareersNetLIVE London on 2 December are: 

The firm sponsors of LawCareersNetLIVE Virtual on 6 to 7 December are: 

3. The firm-led workshops offer unique practice area insights 

One of the key highlights of LawCareersNetLIVE are the firm-led interactive workshops which provide a deeper look at one of their key specialisms through practical case studies and group work. 

Students attend two workshops over the course of their chosen conference, indicating their preferences ahead of the day. 

Many workshops have a practice area focus, with sessions confirmed for this year on: 

  • asset finance transaction; 
  • banking; 
  • building client relationships; 
  • collaboration and corporate transaction; 
  • cyber, data and privacy; 
  • debt finance; 
  • global disputes; 
  • international M&A; 
  • insurance; 
  • legal tech; 
  • private equity and private funds; and 
  • real estate. 

4. You’ll receive expert advice from the very recruiters who will be reviewing your applications 

Experienced recruiters, all experts in their field, will be on hand to talk to throughout LawCareersNetLIVE, both about their firms and the application process. There will be opportunities to ask questions and network in-person and virtually, depending on which event you apply to. 

Apply now 

To apply for a place at the event on your chosen days, visit the LawCareersNetLIVE website. The deadline to apply is 27 October, but as applications are considered on a rolling basis, candidates are encouraged to submit theirs as soon as possible. 

The LawCareersNetLIVE events are heavily subsidised by the firm sponsors. Successful applicants will be required to pay £29 for the Manchester and London events and £10 for LawCareersNetLIVE Virtual when choosing their workshops.