City firms launch handbook on tackling racism

updated on 08 February 2021

Thirteen City firms have launched the ‘Noticed toolkit’, alongside inter-firm diversity network Noticed, to tackle racism.

The handbook includes guidance about micro-aggressions, advice for solicitors on how to be an “effective ally” and ways to respond to racism, as well as guidance to make it easier for lawyers to have “meaningful conversations about how to deal with race in the workplace”, the Law Gazette reported.

Noticed wrote the handbook to encourage lawyers to be more conscious of micro-aggressions, for example, shortening someone’s name without their permission. The diversity network is also urging firms to create a hotline where employees can log their concerns, as well as offer funds to committees and initiatives.

Law Society President David Green said: “We are pleased to contribute to Noticed’s toolkit and hope this provides a useful resource for firms. The events of 2020 and our recent research into the experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic solicitors has shown that now more than ever it is important for firms and legal businesses to lead from the front and have frank conversations about how to create a more inclusive workforce.”

The 13 City firms involved are: