Kat C-W


Mother knows best: an opinion on tattoos in commercial law firms
Kat C-W

Although tattoos have become increasingly mainstream, you still won't find visible body art adorning lawyers’ limbs in the city. In a Legal Cheek poll, 60% of people thought that tattoos had no place in corporate law. So, that little heart behind your ear or the tribal form on your neck all need to be hidden. But why is there such an aversion? One in every three young people these days has a tattoo. Attitudes towards body art have changed in other sectors, so why are they still frowned upon in the corporate world?

The Oracle

I've enjoyed my first year at university - so much so that I've just realised my law I'm in my final year of a non-law degree and have yet to take the GDL – will recruiters take into consideration that someone like me will not have a textbook understanding of the law, or is the application process harder or different in any way for non-law students?


The Graduate Diploma in Law: what is it, why study it and how is it different to a law degree? This feature presents all the information you need to know about the conversion course for non-law graduates.

Key transferable skills

Non-law degree

There are four main types of university degree - arts, sciences, languages and business - and each trains students in a set of skills which are highly transferable to law.

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Commercial awareness is a term often used by law firms and recruiters, but what does it actually mean? In this video Matt breaks down what commercial awareness, why it's so important, and offers a couple of examples of case studies to think about in a commercial context.