Non-law degree action plan

You’re studying a non-law degree, but you’re keen on becoming a lawyer and want to know what you can be doing to learn more and prepare. Here is a brief checklist to get you started:

  • Learn more about the GDL; particularly when and where to apply, and what it covers. Try to talk to someone who has done it to get the inside story.
  • Get some practical work experience at a law firm, barristers’ chambers or legal advice centre. Talk to friends, family, acquaintances – anyone with a connection to the legal profession. Your careers service could be a great source of help and contacts here.
  • Go to law fairs, firm presentations and open days to meet people face to face. Think about how to stand out by asking good questions (eg, about a recent deal, case or merger).
  • Join your university student law society (or even better, law for non-law society, if that exists!) to meet other likeminded students and get the inside scoop on events.
  • Continue to work hard at your academic studies. Recruiters want to see exemplary grades and yes, your first-year grades do count!
  • Start to develop your commercial awareness by reading the business sections on newspapers’ websites, as well the more specific legal press – a couple of the more reputable broadsheet newspapers also have great law sections. Keep up to date with LCN’s News section, particularly the weekly commercial round-up.
  • Engage with some of the extracurricular options at university (eg, sport, debating  or music) to make yourself into a well-rounded candidate.
  • Consider whether you want to become a solicitor or barrister. Read the ‘Solicitors’ and ‘Barristers’ sections in The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook (available free at university law departments, careers services and law fairs) to help you decide.
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