New Bar course to replace the BPTC in 2020

A new two-part Bar course that will replace the BPTC has been given provisional approval.

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA), which designed the new Bar Course, is in the final steps of obtaining approval. If its plans go through, from December 2019 students will be able to apply to the ICCA to commence the new course in September 2020. The news is part of the wider overhaul of barrister training.

Fees for the course will be £13,095, with part one of the course costing £1,000 and part two costing £11,225. The first part of the course will be taken online and will last 12-16 weeks, while part two is skills-based and will take 20 weeks to complete.

Current BPTC students and those planning to start the BPTC in September 2019 will not be affected by the changes.

In addition to the ICCA, the following universities so far have been provisionally approved to provide the new course:

LawCareers.Net will bring you the details of the new course itself as soon as we have it.

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