Inns of Court Scholarships

Middle Temple

Middle Temple makes awards worth around £1.1 million every year. The biggest portion goes to those on the BPTC, with most of the rest awarded to GDL students. Although the exact number of scholarships varies from year to year, the Inn helped over 100 students in 2015, with amounts ranging from £1,000 to £18,000. While the awarding of scholarships is based purely on merit, the sizes of the awards are based on the applicant’s financial means. The Inn also has a pupillage hardship fund for pupils who experience severe, unforeseen financial difficulties and a pupillage support scheme for pupils on low awards in publicly funded areas of law. The website ( tells you a lot about the scholarship scheme and has a downloadable application form with clear instructions. Scholarships are part of the education department within the Inn's Treasury and Christa Richmond is the director of education. Contact the education services manager, Sally Yorke (, with questions.