Inns of Court Scholarships

Lincoln’s Inn

Lincoln’s Inn offers 32 scholarships ranging from £3,000 to £8,000 for those studying the GDL and 110 scholarships and bursaries for those on the BPTC. The total value of the Inn’s awards is just over £1.5 million. Individual scholarships and bursaries range from £3,000 to £18,500. Lincoln’s Inn has many other awards and bursaries available, from its £60,000 fund for up to 50 awards of up to £1,500 for pupillage to the £3,500 Peter Duffy Human Rights Award for young barristers to spend three months at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. There are also scholarships of £3,500 to the other European courts in The Hague and Luxembourg. Finally, there is a Continuing Education Fund of £26,500 for BPTC graduates undertaking overseas internships. Students are recommended to apply for awards in their third year at university or the year prior to starting the GDL or BPTC. The Inn’s website ( has clear instructions and a downloadable application form, which should be submitted to the scholarships coordinator (