The Law Apprenticeships Guide


If you are weighing up whether to go to university or move straight into your career with an apprenticeship after finishing your GCSEs or A levels, The Law Apprenticeships Guide 2019 is here to help. Don’t worry if you have no prior knowledge of law or apprenticeships – we have assumed that you have questions which need answering before you decide your next step.

What is a law apprenticeship?

A law apprenticeship combines paid work and training at a law firm with part-time study for professional qualifications. It is an alternative path to going to university that offers the same career destinations, but avoids the expensive fees.

How do I decide whether a law apprenticeship is for me?

This guide helps you to:

  • compare university and apprenticeship paths to enable you to easily appreciate what each has to offer;
  • consider the different types of apprenticeship and where they lead;
  • gain an understanding of what it’s like to work as a legal apprentice;
  • check that you have the key skills needed to become a legal apprentice; and
  • find out about current vacancies via the LawCareers.Net legal apprenticeships jobs board.