SQE provider launches BARBRI Bridges

updated on 12 October 2021

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BARBRI has announced the innovative funding initiative, BARBRI Bridges, to support and enhance diversity inclusion and wider access to the legal sector.

The initiative was launched to support aspiring lawyers in England and Wales.

BABRI Bridges is an “inclusive way to empower lawyers in creating a profession that is more representative of today’s society. As well as preparing you for [Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE)] success with five decades of experience in the legal education sector, we’re breaking down financial obstacles to reduce barriers to qualification too so that aspiring lawyers from all walks of life have access to equal opportunities.”

The four key funding pillars will include:

  • digital innovation and transformation;
  • general public interest;
  • equality, diversity and inclusion; and
  • social, economic and environmental.

BARBRI is a leading provider of SQE preparation courses in the UK.

It has pledged £75,000 so far, working with charities, firms and universities, to help broaden entry into the legal profession.

BARBRI previously partnered with Linklaters LLP to provide SQE preparation courses for overseas-qualified lawyers and widen access for refugees.

Alongside Linklaters, BARBRI has teamed up with universities and organisations including:

  • Breaking Barriers;
  • FLEX Legal; and
  • universities across the globe.

Robert Dudley, deputy managing director for BARBRI said: “When the [Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)] initially announced the SQE, there was an aspiration that this would improve diversity in the legal industry and that we would see greater representation. However, to help make that a reality, it’s up to the industry, including educators like ourselves, to act. At BARBRI, we believe that all aspiring lawyers should be given the opportunity to access the profession, and society will benefit from such diversity. That’s why we’re proud to be launching BARBRI Bridges and we look forward to working with partners and candidates to shape the legal industry of the future.” (Read this LCN Says: ‘The benefits of dual qualification: your path to an international legal career.’)

Matthew Powell, CEO, and founder of Breaking Barriers said: “‘There is no national strategy to support refugees in the UK to take their first steps into work. This leads to unemployment, exclusion. and untapped potential. With support from partners such as BARBRI, we can help people from a refugee background to access the legal profession and acquire the knowledge, confidence, experience and qualifications they need to gain stable, fulfilling employment matching their skills and aspirations.”

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