New legal education provider to offer SQE preparation course

updated on 27 November 2019

The College of Legal Practice has revealed its plans to enter the UK market and revolutionise the way legal education training works, including launching an SQE preparation course.

As reported in The Law Society Gazette, The College of Legal Practice was set up in April 2019 by The College of Law in Australasia which is the leading not-for-profit market leader in the region.

The College aims to deliver the next generation of legal learning, anticipating that the changes affected by the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) will open up the market to new courses and new education providers.

Professor Nigel Savage, interim chief executive, said: “I believe we are uniquely positioned to create a new and genuinely 21st Century approach to education in this sector. The new SQE will create a sea change in legal training and has provided the impetus for this change, but significantly the college doesn’t have the baggage of the old LPC. Our proposition will enable legal service providers to shape career development to their strategic priorities.”

Speaking to the Gazette, the College of Legal Practice said that it expected its fees to be 25-50% less than other offerings. BPP University Law School has revealed that it is planning its SQE-preparation courses to start in September 2020.

The course at The College of Legal Practice will allow students to learn at home and work. The college has said that it will initially target alternative business structures and ‘new breed’ law firms.