SQE conversion course details revealed by BPP

updated on 04 September 2019

Details of a new postgraduate law conversion course to replace the GDL when the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) comes into effect in 2021 have been released by BPP University Law School.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) is the first law conversion course designed to prepare non-law graduates to pass the SQE Stage One assessments. It will be available to students from September 2020 and will take eight months to complete full time. Course fees for the PGDL will be announced next month.

The PGDL has a very similar name to its predecessor, the GDL, and covers the same seven foundations of legal knowledge taught in a traditional law degree. In addition, teaching will cover the key practical skills and commercial concepts needed by trainees at City law firms. There will also be the option to incorporate the PGDL into a master’s.

Students who complete the PGDL will be eligible to progress onto the LPC or a preparation course for SQE Stage Two – but details of these upcoming courses have not yet been released.

The current GDL offered by BPP will run until Spring 2020, remaining unaffected during this period.

Laura McBrien, lead designer of the PGDL at BPP University Law School, said: “Changes to regulation in the training of both solicitors and barristers has given us the opportunity to think about how we can best support our students: ensuring they are engaged and motivated in their learning, spreading their assessment load and making them better prepared for their future professional studies and career. 

“We are excited that the new structure and content will help students to reflect, progress, and ensure they are ready for the world of work following the completion of our programme, whatever their career aspirations.”