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updated on 13 March 2024

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If you meet the SRA’s transitional arrangements, meaning you can continue to qualify via the LPC, you should be looking for information about the providers still offering the LPC. Try to find out about not only the academic programme, but also any links with the profession, the level of individual career guidance, the facilities available and any relevant extracurricular activities. It would also be helpful to understand the provider's reputation among students and the profession.

You should also be aware that some firms have exclusive relationships with course providers that require all new trainees to complete the LPC at a particular institution. This ensures that the course’s content prepares the student well for the particular requirements of their firm’s training contract, while it also has the benefit of allowing trainees to get to know each other before they start life at the firm.

That being said, while some firms will continue to put eligible trainees through the LPC, others have moved over to the SQE route and so any future trainees at these firms will be expected to qualify via the SQE with the firm’s chosen education provider.

Find out more about qualifying via the SQE with LCN’s SQE hub, sponsored by The University of Law.

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