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National/regional firms

updated on 06 March 2023

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Beyond London, the most active cities are Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool, Cardiff, Newcastle and Nottingham. National firms have offices in several cities (and perhaps also Scotland), whereas a ‘regional’ firm might limit itself to say, the North or the South West – perhaps with an additional office in London. A regional firm could have just one office or several. Clients are mostly UK public and private companies, local and public authorities, and possibly also international businesses with UK interests. As a rule of thumb, smaller firms are also likely to prioritise private client work.

Expect to spend your training contract in a single region, potentially visiting different offices. Salaries vary by location, with Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol faring relatively well (starting from around £21,000s to as high as £49,000) compared to, say, Wales or Kent (from under £20,000 to around £25,000. Regional trainees typically work more manageable hours than their City counterparts; however, there’s a strong emphasis on gaining practical experience and client exposure. Available seat options will depend on the firm’s business model, so do your research.

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