For law graduates not going on to the LPC or BPTC, a career as a professional paralegal is a real alternative. Being a paralegal is not the same as being a lawyer, but as doctors are supported by skilled nurses, so too solicitors are supported by skilled paralegals. And as with nurses, nowadays paralegals are becoming a recognised professional group in their own right.

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

CILEx is the professional body representing around 20,000 trainee and qualified chartered legal executive lawyers. Changes in legislation mean that chartered legal executive lawyers are increasingly on a level playing field with solicitors or barristers, as they can now become judges, advocates and partners in law firms.




Lockstep vs ‘eat what you kill’: firms’ partnership structures explained

Law firms are traditionally run by partnerships that usually take one of two forms, although there are many variations to both categories. The type of partnership at a firm is one of the important factors that determine the atmosphere in the office, so it is wise to take this into consideration when making applications. Plus, demonstrating some understanding of how a firm is structured can help you impress in an interview.

Pro bono initiatives

Plan International

Plan is an international development charity working mostly with children to end child poverty. Fundraising, supporting campaigns and promoting Plan through social media are all important ways to contribute. There are often specific project volunteer roles, based in the Old Street office, which demand a commitment of two to three days a week, for three to six months. These are advertised online when available.