RPC partners with the University of Law to provide postgraduate training to future trainees

Corporate firm RPC has entered an exclusive training partnership with the University of Law.

The tie-up will see the University of Law become the sole provider of postgraduate legal training to future RPC trainees from September. In addition to the educator’s Graduate Diploma in Law and Legal Practice Course qualifications, future trainees will also benefit from a new insurance law elective currently being developed by the University of Law in consultation with RPC to better prepare future trainees for life at the firm (insurance law is one of RPC’s strongest specialisms). The elective is being designed in response to changes in the market introduced by the UK Insurance Act 2015 to equip future solicitors with the skills they will need.

Simon Hart, RPC’s training principal and a partner at the firm, said: “We are very enthusiastic about the prospects for our new partnership with the University of Law. As RPC continues to respond to the rapidly changing legal market, as well as the forthcoming radical reforms to legal education, we were looking for a partner in the education sector who reflected our own desire to be progressive and forward thinking. With the University of Law, we believe we have found that partner. The University of Law has demonstrated an impressive commitment to understanding our needs and working with us to develop our future legal talent.”

Professor Andrea Nollent, the University of Law’s vice-chancellor and chief executive, commented: “We are very much looking forward to beginning our new partnership with RPC. We are confident that our existing legal education programmes combined with the development of a new insurance law elective will play a pivotal part in training the future workforce of RPC and provide them with the skills needed to succeed in a highly competitive market.”

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