Clifford Chance publishes pay gap information

Clifford Chance has published pay inequality data covering ethnicity, disability and sexuality, in addition to mandatory reporting on gender.

Every year, organisations employing 250 people or more are legally required to publish figures on gender pay inequality. As the Law Gazette reports, Clifford Chance is one of the firms to report more information voluntarily and the first to do so on disability and sexuality. It joins several other firms in releasing ethnicity pay gap data.

The magic circle firm’s figures, which include partners, show a gender pay gap of almost 70%, an ethnicity pay gap of 52%, a disability gap of 62% and a sexuality gap of 36%. It said the data “is another indication that our partners do not reflect the diversity we aim to achieve. Diversity in ethnicity, sexuality and disability will remain a key area of focus for us.”

Taking only partners, the gender pay gap has narrowed slightly on 2018 to 26% and only 21% of partners are women. The pay gap among associates has risen from 4% to 7%.

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