Linklaters tells solicitors they can work from home indefinitely

updated on 04 September 2020

Multinational law firm Linklaters has told its solicitors that they can work from home for up to 50% of their working hours “indefinitely”.

This policy applies to the firm’s 5,200 employees worldwide and comes after the firm identified that high-quality work can be delivered via remote working.

Staff will be required to inform teams in advance if they choose to work remotely for any period of time and roles must be fulfilled.

The firm’s managing partner in Italy, Andrea Arosio, said: “Our recent experience has demonstrated that, whilst we are a people-focused business and collaboration is key… we can deliver high-quality work whilst working remotely.”

The pandemic also “reinforced the huge benefits we and our clients obtain from face-to-face interaction and the value of our offices as hubs of teamwork and learning and this policy does not detract from that”, added Arosio.