LawCareers.Net launches new site

updated on 19 September 2019

LawCareers.Net (LCN) is pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed website featuring enhanced site navigation, a new video hub and a modernised look and feel.

The new site has been designed to incorporate feedback from users who commented that they would like to see more mixed media on the site, an optimised mobile experience and an easier way to store and keep track of which firms or chambers they are applying for. LCN hopes that the updated site will allow users to access the information they need quicker and easier. The updated MyLCN format enables aspiring lawyers to keep all their legal career information online in one place.

For more on the changes to the website, take a look at this LCN Says – ‘Your new LawCareers.Net’.

You can give your feedback about the changes via Twitter or Facebook, or email LCN at