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LCN Says

Your new LawCareers.Net

updated on 16 September 2019

We’re pleased to introduce you to #YourNewLCN!

We listened to your feedback from our annual user survey in order to improve the site while keeping all of our essential information and advice about becoming a lawyer.

We have five main aims with the redesign:

1 To improve navigation

We want you to access the information that’s right for you as quickly as possible. We’ve updated our menus so you can see all the content in each section at a glance as well as highlighting key pages in each section. We’ve also streamlined our hub pages to get you to the key information. We hope that this results in a better user journey through the website.

2 To offer more mixed-media content

We understand that users want to see a variety of media forms – not just written content. We have enhanced video content with our new video hub. Over the coming months we will be featuring more vlogs and firm videos (for example, a series of videos from DWF about what it’s like to work in Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester), plus LCN videos offering advice on everything from attending a law fair to boosting your commercial awareness. We’ve introduced a new podcasts display page so you can read a synopsis and catch up on all the episodes relevant to you and we’ve improved how law firm brochures and prospectuses are featured on the site.

3 To enhance the mobile experience

Users felt that some of the LCN content wasn’t easy to access on mobile and the difference between the desktop version and mobile version was too stark. With over 50% of you accessing the website on a mobile, this was a key issue for us to resolve during the redesign. We’ve revamped the mobile design so that it aligns with the desktop, displaying all of the same content, making for a much improved user experience.

4 To update the look and feel

We listened to our users who suggested that our website was starting to look old fashioned. We’ve updated to a more modern look and introduced different colours around the site.  We have also revamped the firm and chambers profile pages. You can now see key information at a glance and easily access lawyer and recruiter profiles, videos, details of training and/or recruitment awards won, Commercial Questions and other information provided by the firm.

5 To showcase MyLCN

It is now be easier to keep all your legal career research in one place with the improved MyLCN. The bookmarking functionality allows you to easily save firm profiles, pages and events. You can keep track of which firms or chambers you are applying to, when their deadlines are and what stage of the recruitment process you are at.

Take a look around the new site and tell us what you think. You can get in touch on Twitter or Facebook, or by email to We’d love to hear from you.

Sinead Dineen is the managing director of LawCareers.Net.