Law firms launch joint training contract with Barclays

updated on 07 February 2023

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Simmons & Simmons LLP and TLT LLP have launched joint training contracts with Barclays aimed at aspiring financial services lawyers.

The two-year training contract will involve one year’s (two seats) private practice experience at either firm and a year’s in-house experience at Barclays. Trainees will have the opportunity to build on a variety of skills, while also gaining experience at either law firm and in-house.

Both firms are currently accepting applications for one trainee to start in their London offices in September 2023 and one in March 2024. The firms will work together with Barclays during the recruitment process and candidates will have the chance to meet representatives from the law firms and the bank.

Candidates can apply for the training contract at both Simmons & Simmons and TLT, but they’ll spend their 12 months of private practice at just one of the firms. Following completion of the training contract and successful qualification, the newly-qualified lawyers can then apply for a qualified role at the private practice firm they’ve completed the training with (ie, Simmons & Simmons or TLT) or Barclays (or both).

To be eligible, candidates must have: