Latest episode of The LCN Podcast provides insights into neurodiversity

updated on 23 February 2022

Reading time: two minutes

“I’ve had doors closed because of who I am, but I’ve also had doors opened because of who I am”, says Phil Steventon of The Neurodivergent Lawyer blog.

The second LCN Podcast episode of the year covers:

  • Phil Steventon’s experiences and insight into neurodiversity;
  • how neurodiversity might impact people’s journey to becoming a lawyer;
  • how the legal profession can become more inclusive; and
  • the benefits and advantages of being neurodivergent.

In this insightful episode, Phil shares numerous advantages of being neurodiverse, such as having high emotional intelligence which provides the ability to empathise with clients, being creative, having an analytical mind and being able to spot patterns easily.

In addition, Phil explains that neurodivergent individuals tend to be non-judgemental because they know and understand what it feels like to be an outsider. These experiences put them in a unique position to contribute to an inclusive workplace and their employer’s brand.

In the words of Phil, “Nothing about us without us: you can’t include us without including us in your inclusion process.”

In the episode Phil suggests that everyone should be proud of their achievements on their way to becoming a lawyer – whether they are neurodivergent or neurotypical. So share your #mybraglist with us on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn and let us know what you’re proud of!

To discover more about neurodiversity, read this LCN Says: ‘How firms can better support neurodiverse employees in the workplace and during recruitment processes.’ You can connect with Phil via LinkedIn.

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