Hogan Lovells launches initiative to combat microaggressions in the workplace

updated on 05 July 2024

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Hogan Lovells has introduced a reporting system to address microaggressions and discrimination in the workplace.

The new internal channel, in partnership with technology platform InChorus, will allow lawyers at the global law firm to anonymously report microaggressions and instances of bias related to gender, race, sexual orientation and disability.

The goal of the partnership is to empower employees to report bullying, harassment and non-inclusive behaviours early to detect and resolve problems before they can escalate. The system can be integrated into work applications such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Hogan Lovell’s UK managing partner, Penny Angell, said that people often hesitate to address seemingly minor workplace incidents that can contribute to “someone feeling excluded or marginalised in the workplace”. Angell added that by adopting this technology, “we can ensure that every voice is heard […] and foster an even more inclusive environment”.

Examples the system considers microaggressions include referring to a mixed-gender group as ‘guys’, asking a colleague from an ethnic minority background where they’re ‘really’ from and other assumptions related to sexual orientation, age and disability.

Hogan Lovells is the first law firm to partner with InChorus and has implemented several other initiatives for fostering inclusivity. These include support from ‘respect advocates’, mental health first aiders, year-round counselling, and a ‘This is Me’ campaign, where staff share personal stories to foster understanding and support in the workplace.