BARBRI becomes first to announce SQE preparation course fees

updated on 24 September 2020

Legal training provider BARBRI has revealed more details about its Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) preparation courses, including the fees that will be charged to students and the study options for each course.

BARBRI’s SQE1 and preparation course will cost £2,999. It can be completed over 10, 20 or 40 weeks at the same cost. The first 40-week course will start in January 2021. Each course will be timed to lead directly into sitting the external SQE assessments, which can be sat at various times during the year.

The SQE2 preparation course will also cost £2,999. It can be completed over eight or 16 weeks. The first 16-week SQE2 course will commence in December 2021, which is timed to prepare students to sit SQE2 assessments in April 2022.

The £6,000 students must pay for the preparation courses, combined with the £4,000 students will be charged to sit the external assessments, means that the total cost of qualifying as a solicitor when studying with BARBRI will be about £10,000 – a significantly lower figure than the cost of the LPC.

A report on the impact of SQE commissioned BARBRI estimates that students could save up to £38,000 when qualifying through the SQE.