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Why are law firms on social media?

Why are law firms on social media?

Savannah Taylor


Reading time: three minutes

In this growing digital age, tech and social media is massively expanding. Generation Z, Millennials, General X and even Boomers use social media daily, especially Instagram and TikTok.

As law firms have always tended to take a traditional approach, some have expanded into this digital era, expanding their innovative tech and social media presence – something I think would benefit all firms.

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Social media platforms are an effective way to interact and engage with people. This allows law firms to interact with potential applicants who are keen to apply to the firm or wish to find out more about them.

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I found that when researching a firm for my applications, it was useful to check out firm’s pages on LinkedIn, but also Facebook and Instagram accounts. Firms that had engaging social media accounts gave off a more welcoming approach whilst keeping individuals informed.

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Shoosmiths’ Instagram account stands out to me because they post regularly and are always providing key information about the firm and insights from lawyers working there. Also, like LawCareers.Net’s Instagram page, they have engaging Instagram stories, with polls and questions. They also have a fast response time via direct message which is refreshing and showcases their desire to engage with aspiring lawyers.

Benefits of law firms using social media

The main benefit for a law firm using social media is that it will give them wider exposure and access to a larger audience. This can be both for prospective employees and clients. Social media accounts can provide people with a feel for the firm’s culture by how they present themselves online.

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Having a social media presence also shows the firm adopting a more modern approach, staying relevant with current issues. They can show their support for trends or occasions like International Women’s Day and what they do on the day to celebrate the women at their firm.

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Social media allows people to gain an insight into the firm’s culture from the outside – which you wouldn’t understand unless you worked there. 

Things to consider

Firms should be careful not to overshare. They should focus on sharing appropriate things while maintaining certain aspects of the firm private like ongoing cases.

Law firms should know that by having a social media handle, they will be vulnerable and open to negative opinions or feedback from their viewers. The best way to react to this is to digest it as constructive criticism but disregard baseless opinions.

Lastly, while firms can share their views on current events and trends, social media coordinators behind the account mustn’t present too much of their opinions and views on the topic. They should always remember they are representing the firm’s viewpoint and each post should align with the firm’s values and brand.

Should firms remain on social media?

The answer is yes. We are in an age where social media use is rapidly growing, so I think it would benefit law firms to have a greater social media presence. It would allow them to stay modern and relevant, engage in current trends, present aspects of the firm and its culture, and interact with those interested in the firm.

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It’s important for firms not to overshare or present too many personal opinions on recent trends but also to keep updated. That being said, it’s been great to see some law firms increasing their online social media presence since the pandemic, and it would be great to see other firms follow suit.