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Roe v Wade overturned – what does this mean?

Roe v Wade overturned – what does this mean?

Savannah Taylor


Roe v Wade was a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court. It determined that a pregnant woman’s liberty to have an abortion without excessive government restriction should be protected by the Constitution of the United States. This gave women greater liberty and autonomy over their own bodies and choices about their pregnancy. In Roe v Wade, the US Supreme Court held that restrictive state regulation of abortion was unconstitutional, and criminalising abortion violates a woman’s constitutional right to privacy, in most instances.

Despite its previous ruling in Roe v Wade, the US Supreme Court has now overturned the ruling, no longer protecting a woman’s right to abortion in the US. This means that many states are not required to make abortion available to women, with many planning to criminalise it yet again. This decision is a step back for women’s rights in the US. In the initial draft majority opinion, the behind overturning Roe v Wade was that it has “enflamed debate and deepened division”, specifically with the infamous ‘pro-life versus pro-choice’ debate. Despite appearing to be a controversial topic, abortion is about women’s rights. Rights that have now been removed. 

The decision to overturn Roe v Wade has not come without social media backlash. Posts shared, petitions started and public figures speaking out. Even protests have begun. Most of the US public will not accept this decision without a fight, nor will the rest of the world. The overturning of Roe v Wade shows the adaptability and uncertainty that there can be in the law. However, it can be argued that the uncertainty stems from those in control of the law. The US Supreme Court judges that decided to overturn Roe v Wade have received negative backlash on social media, with posts being shared about their potential motivations for overturning this constitutional right – mainly political motivations. It is unfortunate that personal or political motivations can influence the decision of a landmark case that gives or takes a woman’s right. This should not be happening by an impartial judiciary but it appears it may be the case.

Many are devasted for the women of America, but people and companies are trying to help. Donations are being made by the public to help fund available clinics and women seeking travel for abortions. Some major corporations, such as Meta, Microsoft, Disney, Netflix and many more have said that they will financially support women who need to get an abortion or need to travel to get an abortion in a state where it is legal. Despite the devastation that has come from this landmark case being overturned, it has shown the corporations that are willing to support their women employees and the people worldwide who are trying to help.