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London: Common law sets

updated on 05 September 2019

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If you are seeking a wide-ranging pupillage with ample court time and a chance to earn your own fees during the second six, then the common law Bar will suit you well. You can cut your advocacy teeth on simple ‘infant settlements’ (approving a compensation award to a minor); ‘winders’ (securing a winding-up order in an insolvency case); charging orders and fast-track personal injury claims. Personal injury is a staple at common law sets, but beyond this you will be exposed to a multitude of legal problems, including some small commercial disputes and possibly even criminal cases. Confidence, flexibility and an all-zone Oyster card are essential. Your schedule will become unpredictable and you must be ready at all times to charm and impress the instructing solicitors who send you work during the early years of your career. Pupillage awards vary hugely; however, the very top players will match those paid by commercial sets.

For a profile of a barrister who is part of a common law set, see Theo Barclay of Hailsham Chambers