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Francis Taylor Building

  • 2 Pupillages
  • 55 Tenants
  • 6 Tenancies in last 3 years

About Francis Taylor Building

Francis Taylor Building is a leading set for planning, infrastructure, environmental, admin and public and licensing law as noted in the leading legal directories.

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Mr Andrew Tait QC

Francis Taylor Building’s (FTB) reputation for excellence is long-standing and we are consistently featured in the legal directories for our expertise and leading role in planning, compulsory purchase land valuation, infrastructure, environmental, public law, local government, rating, licensing and regulatory law. Members of chambers undertake specialist advisory work and regularly appear in courts at all levels in this country and abroad, including specialist tribunals and public inquiries. From head of chambers to the most junior tenant, the workload is wide and varied. There are 23 Queen’s Counsel in chambers and most junior tenants find themselves working on cases as junior to a silk on a fairly regular basis.

As part of our specialist practice, chambers also undertakes work connected with transport and works schemes, utilities, highways, energy, religious liberty and ecclesiastical, heritage and conservation, common land and village greens, education, minerals, statutory nuisance and regulation, health and safety, easements and covenants, mediation, arbitration and advertisements among other areas of related work.

We look to recruit ambitious and able candidates with at least an upper second class degree (not necessarily in law). Details of the assessment criteria can be found on chambers’ website.

Pupils will work alongside their pupil supervisors and experience all aspects of their professional lives. The 12 month period is divided equally between three different pupil supervisors. Our training programme is designed to ensure pupils develop the competencies set out in the BSB Professional Statement, Threshold Standard and Competencies. Pupils can expect to read their pupil supervisor’s instructions and papers, research relevant law, attempt their own draft pleadings and opinions for discussion, and accompany their pupil supervisor to court hearings and conferences. After the completion of the first four months of pupillage, pupils are also expected to undertake written work for other members of Chambers as well as their pupil supervisor. In their second six months, pupils are also able and expected to accept instructions to undertake work of their own. In recent years our second-six pupils have been briefed to appear in a variety of courts and tribunals, including the High Court, Magistrates’ Court, County Court, public inquiries and various administrative tribunals. Members of Chambers also provide a series of introductory seminars for our pupils during their first six months to familiarise the new pupils with the main areas of Chambers practice and the issues of law and practice that most commonly arise. We also organise a number of formal advocacy and written exercises for our pupils during the course of the year, including training in the cross examination of expert witnesses (usually in partnership with expert witnesses from various external planning consultancies), and in the particular requirements of advocacy in the Administrative Court.

Applications via the Pupillage Gateway for pupillages commencing in 2023.

Apply to Mr Horatio Waller.

Two awards of not less than £65,000 (including £10,00 guaranteed earnings). A drawdown of up to £25,000 available for BPTC.

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Inner Temple, London, EC4Y 7BY
Phone: 020 7353 8415
Email: [email protected]
Mini-pupillages: Yes
Minimum qualification: 2.1 degree