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Coram Chambers

2 Pupillages
67 Tenants
5 Tenancies in last 3 years

Members of Coram Chambers act in leading cases in children's disputes in both public and private law and matrimonial finance.

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Head of chambers

Mr Mark Twomey KC, Ms Alison Easton

Coram Chambers is a prestigious family set with enviable depth and breadth of legal expertise. Our barristers are experts in family law and we pride ourselves on being one of the most diverse sets in the country with 68% of our members being female. In the past few years, Coram has led changes to both children and finance law, appearing in precedent-setting cases in the Supreme Court such as In the matter of NY (A Child) [2019] UKSC 49, In the matter of T (A Child) [2021] UKSC 35, G v G [2021] UKSC 9 and Villiers v Villiers [2020] UKSC 30. Individual members of chambers are widely recognised as experts in their fields, writing books, contributing to publications and frequently winning national prizes for their contributions to the development of family law.

Coram covers all aspects of family law and represents all parties.

Coram Chambers is dedicated to equality and diversity in recruitment. We welcome candidates of all backgrounds and are keen to foster, promote and encourage greater diversity at the Bar and in our applicants. We are looking for intelligence, drive, passion and a commitment to family law

At Coram, we are very proud of our pupillage system. To us, pupillage is vitally important, not only for our pupils and for chambers, but also in supporting the future of the Bar as a whole. Our pupils receive practical and theoretical training at the highest level and of the highest quality. Our training is provided by members of chambers at all levels of seniority. We have a mentoring scheme which ensures that legal, practical and pastoral issues or concerns can be raised and addressed appropriately. Pupils have three supervisors throughout the year and will experience the whole range of work undertaken in chambers. This ensures that pupils gain valuable knowledge and experience of leading cases, high-profile and sensitive work, with complicated legal and factual issues. These cases are often at the very forefront of legal developments. From 2020 to 2022, members have been briefed in leading cases in the Court of Appeal, UK Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights. Pupils are encouraged and supported to undertake speaking or writing commitments of their own, guided by members of chambers who are leading authors of many of the best-known books in family law.

We are not part of the Pupillage Gateway, but we follow the Pupillage Gateway timetable. At all stages of the process, we make reasonable adjustments for any candidate who requires them.

Information about mini-pupillage can be found online: Please note that applicants for pupillage do not need to have completed a mini-pupillage at Coram.

From October 2024, we offer two fully-funded 12-month specialist family law pupillages with a first six award of £33,000 that can be taken tax free. In addition, we guarantee pupils’ second six earnings of £10,000. Pupils are entitled to retain any receipts above this. On commencing tenancy in chambers, your earnings are likely to increase significantly and quickly (on recent average: upwards of £100,000 within the first two to three years of tenancy).

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9-11 Fulwood Place, London, WC1V 6HG
Phone: 020 7092 3700
Email: [email protected]
Mini-pupillages: Yes
Minimum qualification: 2.1 degree