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If you are offered an interview for a training contract this summer, you need to prepare. Here are our tips for what to do before and on the day.

K&L Gates LLP

Meet the Lawyer

K&L Gates LLP

Associate Chris Swallow enjoys the high-value work that comes with being a member of the real estate department at such a big firm, but it’s the integrated, joined-up nature of how K&L Gates operates that makes it stand out from its competitors. Read on to find out more.

The LawCareers.Net Handbook 2019

The LawCareers.Net Handbook is now available, FREE, from university careers services and  law faculties. Make sure you collect your copy of the preeminent print resource for future lawyers. The Handbook provides in-depth information and advice about how to launch your legal career, features details of over 1,000 potential employers and much more. Don’t miss out on accessing this crucial information!

A student’s guide to networking

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A student’s guide to networking
Alexandra Lima

Law students are constantly encouraged to network and rightly so. Networking is without a doubt one of the most beneficial skills you can develop as an aspiring solicitor. The obvious benefits include the chance to speak to legal professionals, gain knowledge and advice as well as making valuable connections in the industry from an early age.

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IP law – what's it even for?

As budding lawyers or law students, we tend to focus on how certain laws work or the challenges that they present rather than why they are there to start with. However, understanding why an area of law exists may be useful when trying to determine why it might be important to a client. For example, have you ever stopped to think why IP law exists and why the government doesn’t just allow businesses to use each other’s ideas and branding?