Key transferable skills

There are four main types of university degree – arts, sciences, languages and business – and each trains students in a set of skills which are highly transferable to law.


  • Analysing textual sources with a good attention to detail
  • Understanding the perspectives of others
  • Forming persuasive verbal and written arguments
  • Presenting complex concepts clearly and accessibly
  • Performing well with colleagues under pressure


  • Thinking logically
  • Tackling problems methodically
  • Understanding complex principles
  • Good with numbers and calculations
  • Writing concisely and precisely


  • Excellent communication and translation skills
  • Knowledge of another culture
  • Adaptable and able to learn new things
  • Precision in speaking and writing
  • Ability to communicate with potential overseas colleagues/clients in their own language


  • Ability to absorb and structure large amounts of data
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Knowledge of economic and business structures
  • Time management and initiative
  • Interpersonal and management skills