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Pro bono Initiatives

The Jeanie Project

The Jeanie Project by LawWorks is an easy-to-use online platform for anyone who has a legal problem in employment, housing or immigration and accessing free legal advice.

It asks a series of questions pertaining to the relevant area of law. The collated answers can then be shared with the people and organisations supporting the individual. Members can either take your client through the platform or ask them to complete it independently and share the answers with you at your next appointment.

They say: "Any lawyer has the ability (with the right temperament and commitment) to do pro bono that makes a difference – whether you are a lawyer in private practice, or an in-house lawyer working for a company, charity or for local or central government. You may have legal expertise or knowledge which can help an individual, or a charity or not-for-profit organisation resolve a legal problem."

The content of The Jeanie Project is legal information for general guidance and not legal advice.