LawCareers.Net - LCN blogger

LawCareers.Net is looking for some more bloggers to join our existing blog community. We want people who will be (i) in their first year studying for a law degree in September 2017, OR (ii) they are a current non-law student looking to get a career in the legal profession.

As a blogger, you should be able to talk engagingly and honestly about the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs, and the laughter and tears associated with studying or practising law while maintaining a social life and planning your future.

We are only looking for one contribution per fortnight, so it's not a massive commitment - we are after quality, not quantity - and the intention is for you to blog until May 2018. Best of all, we will pay you £50 per month!

If you think it's your voice that should be entertaining and informing a generation of future lawyers, why not show us what you can do? Please compose a sample blog post on any topic that bears at least some relation to the law or legal studies. Please complete the online application form and attach your sample blog post, plus a cover letter briefly explaining why you would make an interesting LCN blogger.

The application closing date is 5:00pm on Monday 18 September.