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How many training contract applications is too many?

Last year I sent off over 40 training contract applications, but didn’t get a single interview. What am I doing wrong?

Should I submit my training contract applications early?

I know that the main deadline for training contract applications is 31 July, but with around six weeks to go, I’ve still got loads of time left to fill out my forms, right?

City firms: what are the different types?

I want to pursue a career at a large City firm, but the various terms that such firms use to describe themselves – ‘international’, ‘global’, ‘magic circle’ and others – have got me confused. Do these various terms essentially mean the same thing?

Distance learning and the GDL

As a career changer looking to retrain as a solicitor while balancing work and family commitments, can I do the GDL through distance learning? Will this affect my prospects?

I don’t want to work in a law firm – what are the alternatives?

I'm about to qualify with a small private client firm, but I am not keen to stay on. I would like to explore careers in law outside the mainstream law firm route. What are some of my options?