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Apprenticeship or university?

I’m considering starting a legal apprenticeship, but are the career prospects the same as the full-time university route? What are the main differences between an apprenticeship and going to university?

Could working as a paralegal help me become a solicitor?

I know that competition for training contracts is very high, but I have also noticed that there seem to be increasing opportunities for paralegals: would becoming a paralegal be a more certain way of pursuing a career as a solicitor?

How should I ask for application feedback?

How should I ask for feedback after an interview?

Will doing a master’s improve my chances of a training contract?

I'm thinking of doing a master’s degree after I graduate. What factors should I take into account when making the decision and would it improve my chances of securing a training contract?

I’m a mature candidate hoping to become a solicitor

I've heard that recruitment at the big firms is geared towards younger candidates and that smaller firms won't be able to afford to take me either – is there any hope that I can achieve my ambition?