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Should I take the LPC if I don’t have a training contract?

Is it too much of a risk to take the LPC without having secured a training contract first?

Client secondment during my training contract?

From my research, client secondments seem to be an ever more popular part of training contracts at many commercial firms. What are the benefits of going on a client secondment over staying within the firm for the duration of the training contract?

Should I do the GDL or wait for SQE?

I’m in the final year of my non-law degree and have decided to pursue becoming a solicitor at a City firm, but I’m concerned about how upcoming changes to the system will affect me. Is there any point in doing the GDL before it is replaced by the new ‘super exam’?

Do first-year exams matter?

My first-year exams don’t count toward my final degree – does this mean that law firms won’t see my first-year results as important? 

Not posh enough for law?

I have read that some top firms still see 'poshness' as important when recruiting. I didn’t go to a selective school and have a Midlands accent, but have good A levels and my ambition is to be a City lawyer - what does this mean for my chances?