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Applying for summer vacation schemes

I'm busy completing applications for summer vacation schemes. Can I include informal placements that I've got lined up for February?

How does the system for applying for pupillages actually work?

I'm about to begin applying for pupillage, but I'm confused about how the system works. Help!

Vacation scheme applications and volunteering: how to get ahead over the holidays

I am a second-year law student and am wondering what advice you can give me on how to get ahead in my search for legal work experience and a training contract during the holidays?

Can I still become a solicitor with a drink driving conviction?

I am a second-year law student currently serving a two-year driving disqualification for drunk-driving. Could this conviction prevent me from becoming a corporate lawyer?

GDL and LPC fees: postgraduate loans, scholarships and funding from firms

I have graduated from my undergraduate degree and need to complete the GDL and LPC before I can start a training contract, but am really going to struggle to finance these hugely expensive courses. I have heard about the new postgraduate loans being introduced this year and am wondering if GDL and LPC students are eligible?