Trailblazing US cannabis law firm set to open UK office

A US law firm which only acts for companies in the cannabis industry is set to launch a UK office, in a move which is bound to put some anti-marijuana campaigners’ noses out of joint.

Hoban Law Group (HLG) is reported by Legal Futures to be planning the launch of four new offices in the European Union, reflecting the fact that notionally medical cannabis use has become a global business following its legalisation in 19 US states and territories, as well as other jurisdictions around the world. Subject to any issues being hashed out, it is believed that one of the new offices will be located in London, where the bongs of iconic landmark Big Ben incidentally remain silent for the time being due to restoration work.

In a statement, HLG said: “The need for this international expansion has been created by existing client needs in the rapidly evolving global cannabis marketplace. HLG has been working internationally for several years, including advising numerous international governments on cannabis policy and facilitating international business transactions in this space. HLG’s international offices will deal primarily with structured finance, M&A activity, worldwide trade, regulatory law, and equity placement exclusively in the cannabis industry.”

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