Solicitors Qualifying Exam: SRA seeks volunteers for stage two pilot

Following on from its stage one pilot of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE), the Solicitors Regulation Authority is looking for candidates to take part in a trial run of SQE stage two in December.

Students who have completed stage one of the LPC can apply to take part, as well as qualified barristers and overseas lawyers eligible to qualify in England and Wales through the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme. Candidates will receive £300 in return for taking the pilot exams on one of four possible dates in December.

SQE stage two tests practical skills through written and oral assessments, while SQE stage one examines the application of legal knowledge. The new ‘super exam’ that all solicitors will have to pass to qualify is scheduled to be ready by September 2021.

Julie Brannan, the SRA’s director of education and training, said: “Our first pilot helped us refine the SQE1 assessment design to ensure that it will be a rigorous and robust qualification. This second pilot will help us make sure we get the design of SQE2 right. Candidates will be reimbursed for their time and those who do well will also have access to career development opportunities. We are grateful to everyone who volunteers to participate in this important project.”

Candidates can apply to participate in the pilot on the SRA’s website.

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