Pupillage Gateway deadline extended until Monday 11 February

The Pupillage Gateway deadline has been extended until 11:00am on Monday 11 February, due to severe IT problems causing delays for many applicants trying to use the system.

Applications were supposed to close on Thursday 7 February at 11:00am, but the deadline was originally extended until 1:30pm after the Bar Council reported unprecedented level of traffics which caused slow response times for some applicants.

Several students protested to the Bar Council about the problems, with the editors of the website pupillageandhowtogetit.com penning an open letter asking the Bar Council to extend the deadline even further as the original extension ‘does not sufficiently remedy the prejudice suffered by applicants’.

The Bar Council has since apologised for the inconvenience and blamed the problems on several IT issues including some corrupt user accounts. The problems faced by applicants this year have caused many people to call for the system to be modernised in the future.

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