Legal technology LPC module announced by BPP

A digital skills module is being added to the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at BPP University Law School to address the lack of focus on technology in the current course.

The new legal innovation and design module will launch in September 2018, with the aim of tackling the lack of technology training on both the LPC and in plans for the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). Legal Cheek reports that the module could also be available as part of BPP’s Graduate Diploma in Law programme, as well as the LPC. The university is also planning to produce legal technology explainer videos to further help its students, as well as host a student hackathon.

Adam Curphy, BPP Law School’s head of innovation technology, said: “This is a major gap given the current and future landscape of the legal services market, and one that needs filling immediately. Waiting until the introduction of the SQE is too late. The new module is designed to equip students not only with the digital skills the legal practice of the future will need, but also the ability to use and design technology to respond to problems. The aim is to focus on responding creatively to the needs of clients. The key question is, how does technology help me better solve problems for my firm and clients?”

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