Conveyancing Association launches paralegal training course

Earlier this month the Conveyancing Association (CA) announced the launch of its new Paralegal Course, provided via its online training portal, The Conveyancing Academy. The course has been designed to provide delegates with a basic knowledge of property law and the procedures associated with straightforward conveyancing transactions.

The course material has been assessed, edited and accredited by academic and practising experts, and is accredited and certificated by the CA. Academy delegates can train individually online or in trainer-led seminars. The delegates must complete 15 modules, at the end of which they will receive an overall score and Certificate of Accreditation from the academy.

Lloyd Davies, operations director at the CA, said: “Our aim is to ensure that delegates can work through the course in a variety of ways – it’s a fact of life that different people learn differently, which is why we have a range of online resources as well as downloadable documents that can take them through the course step by step.” 

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