Climate change, stock markets fall, the gig economy, ethnicity pay gaps: your commercial news round-up

Back in 2013, the naturalist David Attenborough called for action on climate change, arguing that “we have a finite environment – the planet. Anyone who thinks that you can have infinite growth in a finite environment is either a madman or an economist.” Fast forward to 2018 and the United Nations’ panel on climate change has said that the world has only 12 years left to prevent ecological catastrophe.

How is this relevant to a commercial-awareness-oriented news round-up? Last week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that problems involving interest rates and bad debt in economies as diverse as the United States, Venezuela, Argentina, China, Turkey and Italy could lead to another global economic crash. But unlike previous crises that capitalism has been able to overcome, the next crash will be made worse by climate change. Without radical reform to our growth-focused economies and the ways we harvest energy, the traditional ways to stimulate economic recovery will only accelerate the disaster looming for us and our planet.

There are solutions available, though, and these – as well as the potential causes of economic trouble – are explored in this highly recommended article by the Guardian’s economics editor, Larry Elliott.

Keeping that issue on our radar, let’s round up the other big business stories from the last week.

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