Bar Council backs cheaper two-stage BPTC run by Inns of Court

The Bar Council has come out in support of a new barrister training programme involving a two-part Bar Professional Course (BPTC) run by the Inns of Court, which should be cheaper for aspiring barristers.

Under the new proposals, the first part of the two-stage BPTC would be knowledge based, while the second part would focus on key skills such as advocacy, drafting and ethics. Legal Cheek also reports that the Inns would enforce stricter entry requirements for the BPTC and that attending law school would only be compulsory for the second stage of the course.

Chair of the Bar Andrew Langdon QC said: “We support the initiative taken by the Inns to design a professional course that is cheaper and that does something to stem the flow of those who pass the final exam but have very little chance of obtaining pupillage.”

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