LC.N survey winner delighted by £1,000 windfall

LawCareers.Net's annual reader survey has left one Scottish student £1,000 richer. Fiona Simpson, a law student at the University of Stirling, was the worthy recipient of the cash prize, although she had to do nothing more onerous than complete the 10-minute online survey.

Fiona was attracted to law initially by the idea of "the contribution a lawyer makes to a client's problem". During her four years of undergraduate study, she has developed a keen interest in insurance law: "I would love to explore the field further. I believe I have the required aptitude,self-motivation,and keenness to practise law." She has also spent time getting work experience and volunteering, which further "confirmed my desire to become a lawyer". Her top tip for others is to "get as much work experience as possible".

With her bank account now a little healthier, Fiona can continue to concentrate her efforts on applying for training contracts, using LawCareers.Net to focus her search: "As I know I want to work within insurance law, I find that the search filters [on LawCareers.Net] are most useful as I am able to narrow down law firms by their specialisms."

After graduation, Fiona will start the GDL (a necessity as her law degree is from a Scottish university) in September 2012 at The College of Law in Moorgate. The plan is to do the LPC immediately thereafter, although as she says, that will be "training contract and sponsorship dependant".

Congratulations Fiona - spend your winnings wisely!

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