Locking it down: making online applications easier

Amy Elderfield - Locking it down: making online applications easier

Amy Elderfield is part of the team at AllHires (AH), a leading online application system and an excellent friend to LawCareers.Net. Here, she outlines all the advantages of using AH and LCN joint project MyLocker to improve efficiency at application-making time.

Fed up with filling out GCSE and other equivalent exams results on your training contract and vacation scheme applications? Are you getting repetitive strain injury (no claims, please) typing your undergraduate degree courses? Wish you had more time to focus on the long answer questions?

Look no further; MyLCN and LawCareers.Net have teamed up with AH to bring you MyLocker. This is a central hub where you can store key biographical information (such as GCSE and A-level grades) in order to transfer it quickly into the application forms of participating AH firms. The result is that applying for training contracts is now much easier with MyLocker.

But if you're still not sure, then read on:


Lots of people are already using MyLocker, and they have discovered that because they only have to fill in and store all their academic information ONCE, they have more time to focus on information which is specific to a firm, rather than wasting time repeating core academic information. Such information includes schools attended, GCSE/A-level results, and undergraduate and postgraduate study details.

There are over 80 firms using MyLocker; if you are seeking a training contract, it's likely that one of your desired firms appears on our list of participating firms.


Create your MyLocker in tandem with MyLCN so you can manage your research, applications and search for a training contract all in one place.

To set it up, click here. You can now enter the information into the hub. AH application forms and MyLocker have a similar layout; if you've used an AH form, you'll be familiar with the navigation. Importantly, this means that you can complete, review and update your information in multiple sittings and at different stages.


Once you've filled in the details, you can connect to your MyLocker from the homepage of any of the participating firms.

This symbol clearly indicates which sections are compatible with MyLocker, helping to ensure you don't miss out. Click the logo to populate a section of an application form using MyLocker and move on to the next section. We've designed the tool to transfer only one section of information at a time so that you can check it through thoroughly and ensure it is up to date.

Once you have created a MyLocker account, you will be able to fill in all of your core details, mark these as 'ready' and begin using MyLocker for upcoming vacation scheme and training contract applications.

With nearly 80,000 submitted applications on AH, how much time could be saved by using MyLocker? Save your time! Go ahead and setup MyLocker here or for more information, visit What is MyLocker?.

Amy Elderfield leads the team at AllHires. She can be found on Twitter @AllHires.

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